Welcome to the Wttpyls WikiEdit

Welcome to the WTTPYLS wiki!

This is a wiki that anyone can edit, so please feel free to create pages for yourself and the characters you play! While WTTPYLS is really silly, it'd be best if we kept the wiki somewhat organized just because this wiki is meant to provide information to fellow roleplayers-- it's not just supposed to be a big joke. But that's not to say you can't have fun while contributing, too!

To keep things organized and under control, please

  • Categorize character pages as characters and roleplayer pages as muns.
  • Keep the information on your character pages canon! Remember to tag spoilers, as well.
  • Try to keep each page in a similar visual style. You can always copy/modify existing pages as templates.

Remember, if you need help with editing, the Wikia community has a wealth of tutorials available in both text and video format.

Thanks for reading!


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